Under-the-radar wine. Over-the-top stories.

Small-batch wine made by unconventional people – in a can.

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They make it. We can it. You drink it.

We work with independent winemakers to bring you their premium varietals in a can, so you can bring it – and drink it – anywhere. Ok, almost anywhere.

Great wine.
Groovy people.

We believe that every wine has a story. We’re shining a light on fascinating makers from up-and-coming regions that know how to craft a damn-fine wine.

High-end wine.
Sans the snobbery.

Because you shouldn’t need an art history degree to appreciate a label, a somm’s palette to know what’s good, or the salary of a day trader to afford great wine.

Bottom's up.
Bottles out.

Our throw-it-in-your-bag and go, shatter-free alternative is better for the wine, the environment, and you. We’ll deliver Maker cans directly to your door.

Meet Our Makers

Anna & Gary

— Campovida Wines

Love makes you do crazy things. Like marry your neighbor, cash in your 401k, and buy 50 acres of wild vines in Northern California.

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Chris Christensen

— Bodkin Wines

Rule-breaker. Trail-blazer. Master blender. This biracial Iowan winemaker mixes reds and whites into shades of pink. ‘Cause blending is beautiful, baby!

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Colleen Sullivan

— Revolution Wines

She went to school with a dream and moved back to Sac-town with a mission. Now she’s the head winemaker. What were you doing at 23?

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"Even I like this wine."
- Lucinda from your feminist book club — and she hates everything.
"The best wine you’ve never heard of."
- The chick who discovered Khalid before Khalid was Khalid.
"My very favorite breakfast wine."
- Oh, Aunt Linda.
"Are you sure this isn’t a Chateau Petrus Pomerol, 2005?"
- Keith from accounting (full body eye-roll).

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