About Maker

Wine deserves new rituals. Not fancier bottles or flowery labels. But new wine to drink and new ways to drink it. Wine that moves us, and also moves with us. Wine that connects us to the makers — and to the people we’re drinking it with.

Maker is rattling the status quo and putting premium wine in a can. And we’re willing to break a few bottles along the way.

We’re creating wine for people like you — who care about where their wine came from. People who are curious about small wineries and their unconventional makers. Who support the independent creators over the mass producers. And who want to feel connected to their wine, and to the people they’re sharing it with.

Our Values


In an industry cloaked in elitism and opacity, we take the honest road. We’re not here to exploit winemakers or pull one over on consumers — we’re here to connect real people with great wine.


Great wine should be shared with and enjoyed by all. Premium isn’t just for the wealthy and distribution isn’t just for the big guys. We want to highlight diverse voice from off the beaten path places and share stories you don’t always see in wine.


We’re committed to educating consumers that canned wine can be the best wine, and best for the wine. That quality shouldn’t hide behind kitsch or fluff — we lead with true stories and let the wine speak for itself. Every wine you see on Maker has been vetted by a panel of wine experts and customers just like you.

Our Story

Kendra and Sarah are two kindred spirits and wine lovers who met as classmates at Stanford Business School. Before Maker, Sarah led Food and Beverage marketing at Eventbrite. Her side hustles included helping start-ups with digital marketing, homebrewing, and starting an underground supper club in SF. Kendra worked as a management consultant in healthcare where she loved lifting up the little guys in a complex, regulated industry (sound familiar?). She moonlights as an amateur photographer and acrobat. Together they became obsessed with building a company that would support premium wine from independent producers — sans the snobbery.

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Meet Our Maker Team

Zoe Victor, Maker Founding Team

Zoë Victor

Founding Team

Zoë is the third member of our all-female Founding Team. You'll find her meeting with our restaurant and retail partners, building a best-in-class fulfillment and production process, or sipping on Maker Chenin Blanc.

Alexa Plew and Riley Rant, Team Rex

Riley Rant & Alexa Plew

Brand and Copy

From keepin' our cans clever to sassy site copy, the Rex ladies keep our voice as cool and fresh as the wine inside our cans.

Chris Christensen of Bodkin Wines Blends a Rose Wine

Chris Christensen

Can Coach

In addition to crafting the Maker Rosé and Sparkling, Chris Christensen (recently named one of Wine Enthusiast's 40 Under 40) has many can projects under his belt, and consults with our winemakers new to the format to ensure quality and consistency.

Olivia Herrick

Graphic Designer

Olivia is responsible for all things print and packaging at Maker, from delightful boxes shipped to your door to our can labels that reflect the unique wines and stories of each of our Maker partners.