Dry Muscat Canelli

  • Black-Owned Winery

  • Vegan Friendly

  • 40 Under 40

  • 0g Sugar

Winery: Bodkin Wines

Maker: Chris Christensen

Region: Lake County AVA, CA

Vineyard: Sand Bend (Certified Sustainable)

Notes: Tangerine, lychee, and orange blossoms

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Price per can: $8

Aged: Stainless steel

ABV: 12.2%

pH: 3.25

100% Muscat Canelli

Rule-breaker. Trail-blazer. Trend-setter. He’s the most interesting man in the (wine) world. Chris Christensen is a proud, 4th generation mid-westerner from Cedar Rapids, Iowa who moved out to California to become the kind of rule-breaking vintner that would put Muscat Canelli in a can.

This aromatic wine whisperer isn’t afraid to go against the grain. He’s known for being the first American to make a Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, and was named the “Bubbles Innovator” by Wine Enthusiast and the “Sauvignon Blanc Savant” by Food and Wine.

Winemaker Chris describes it as, “Pretty much the best thing I’ve made since my son. It tastes like the best day of my life. Like walking through a field of flowers on a sunny day.”

Muscat Canelli is a white wine grape originally from Greece that's part of the Muscat family. For many, Muscat or Moscato conjures images of cloyingly sweet, perfumy wine. This ain’t that. It’s a pretty, aromatic wine that will change your perception of Muscat. Sourced from family-owned and Certified Sustainable Sandy Bend vineyard in Lake County, this wine is light, dry, and delightfully crushable.





  • 100% Recyclable
  • Doesn’t affect the taste
  • No light exposure or oxidation
  • No “corked” wines
One 250 millileter can of wine is equivalent to a third of a bottle of wine.

The colors on the can were inspired by the tangerine, orange, and citrus flavors of this wine.

Try with spicy dishes, fresh fruit, or creamy desserts.

From Chris: Whatever happened to pretty, aromatic sparkling wines? The Maker wine project is about pushing the envelope, it’s about delivering. One does not half step, this is 100% Sauvignon blanc. That’s just a flex.

This wine is carbonated “in-line” right before it hits the can. I stone cold flipped out when I first tried it, it’s refreshing; tertiary aromas from secondary fermentation can tamp down attributes of sparkling wine. It’s even cleaner, even tighter, even more Sauvignon Blanc.

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2021 Muscat Canelli by Chris Christensen

“Pretty much the best thing I’ve made since my son. It tastes like the best day of my life. Like walking through a field of flowers on a sunny day.”

Chris Christensen

Head Honcho Chris Christensen of Bodkin Wines

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