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The 2020 Canned Wine Report

The Wine Nerd and Maker teamed up to drop some data on canned wine.


Canned wine is easily one of the most controversial topics within the world of wine.

As an emerging category — canned wine tends to be lumped into one generalized bucket and people simply ask… is canned wine good?

Rachel at The Wine Nerd and Sarah at Maker partnered up to conduct a blind tasting and run a consumer behavior survey of over 250 wine-drinkers to demystify the current state of canned wine and answer questions like:

  • Is it possible for canned wine to be just as good as bottled? Does the can impact the quality, or is it the difference in the wine itself?
  • Do consumers really want wine in a can? Is this the wine vessel of the future? Is canned wine expanding the “wine consumer pie”? Or is canned wine a millennial-driven fad?

Drop your email to download the Canned Wine Report data from the Wine Nerd and Maker and check out Rachel’s medium post about the study.

Drop your email to download the report

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