2018 Maker Rose by Chris Christensen
2018 Rosé by Chris Christensen

2018 Rosé Wine


Winery: Bodkin Wines
Maker: Chris Christensen
Region: North Coast AVA, CA
Notes: Bright berries, tart citrus

The Nerdy Details

Price per can: $7
Cans Produced: 20,744
Residual Sugar (g/L): 1.2
ABV: 11.0%
pH: 3.33

43% Pinot Gris / Chardonnay Rosé Base, 25% Barrel Fermented Chardonnay, 19% Zinfandel Rosé, 10% Verdelho, 3% Red Wine Blend

The Maker

Chris Christensen is a self-taught, envelope-pushing vintner originally from rural Iowa. He burst onto the wine scene in 2011 with Bodkin wines, where he’s known for being the first American to make a Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc. He was recently dubbed the “Bubbles Innovator” on Wine Enthusiast’s 40 under 40 Tastemaker list.

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The Wine

Crisp, dry, plush. This Rose delivers fruit-forward elements from the saignée component, a crisp finish and focused acidity from the chardonnay and pinot gris, aromas of berry and fruit from zin, and a touch of rich, round, velvety plushness from barrel-fermented chardonnay.









The Can

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Doesn’t affect the taste
  • No light exposure or oxidation
  • No “corked” wines
1 can is equivalent to 1/3 bottle

The Label

Yep, it’s not pink. The brush strokes celebrate the diverse array of wines that went into this blended rosé and are a nod to Chris’ blended background –  ‘cause blending is beautiful, baby.

Pair With

This rose goes with more than just brunch. Sip it alongside salmon, a niçoise salad, or with veggie skewers on the barbecue. Don’t forget a charcuterie board with whatever main dish you choose – a creamy Chevre or Brie is a delight with this Rose.

Winemaker Notes

It was delightfully refreshing, creatively invigorating, to be encouraged to push the boundaries, to truly blend the best wine I could. To be given the freedom to make a wine as unique as I am. Bringing together red and white components into one beautiful blend – I forget this is unconventional – making a wine that’s pretty, by alternative means. Each component is sourced from small family farmers on the North Coast of California.

“The rosé is a delicious maverick.”

Head Honcho Chris Christensen of Bodkin Wines